Flowing dresses, feminine silhouettes and unusual prints create wearable fashion that is absolutely timeless yet modern.


Inspired by his home in South Tyrol, designer Klaus Plank combines materials such as traditional fabrics to minimalist cuts, creating clothing that combines avant-garde and craftsmanship. This has quickly made him a favorite of the high society in Japan and the Hamptons, for example.

Loup Charmant

“Enjoy each piece” is the motto of Loup Charmant, the New York fashion label known for its airy designs in cotton, linen and silk. The wide swinging dresses, delicate blouses and flowing jumpsuits are absolutely feminine and exude good vibes.

An An Londree

Colorful and unique, An An Londree’s handmade designs are the perfect combination of centuries-old craftsmanship and high-quality natural fabrics.


Injiri means ‘Real India’ and that is what the label of textile designer Chirnar Farooqui, which she founded in London in 2009, is all about. She is concerned with the preservation of Indian textile design and traditional weaving. In the workshops in India she creates her fabrics and designs directly next to the looms of the weavers, making her collection very special.


Cristaseya from Paris is a line with two collections created every six months by designers Cristina Casini and Keiko Seya. The style could be described as effortless, modern and timeless. All fabrics are made in Japan and Italy and anyone who has worn a piece by Cristaseya knows that these pieces can all be combined with each other and look unique in a common color scheme.